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"Terri is one of those very rare, intuitive bodyworkers
who combines her highly developed mastery of the human body
with her ability to tune into your core issues.

She goes beyond addressing the symptoms, finding & treating
the source with acute sensitivity to diagnose & treat."


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Marin County Theraputic Massage

The human body is a computer that is very much programmable. In fact, All the new sciences agree that conditioning (programming) of the brain, nervous system and musculskeletal system is happening moment by moment as we move about our daily lives. These systems are in constant communication with each other, gathering information and developing behavioral patterns based on association and repetition. N.M.R (Neuro Muscular Reprogramming) is a series of scientific theraputic techniques which engage and activate the various muscles and joints throughout the body in order to reprogram or reset their activity to their natural constitution.

Terri Fuchs has been healing Marin County residents from stress related chronic pain and sports injuries for 28 years. She specializes in Neuro-Muscular Reprogramming and Myofascial Release during her massage sessions.

In 1988 Terri graduated from the National Holistic Institute (NHI).  In 1992 Terri began and continues to this day studying advanced Myofascial Release and healing techniques at The Institute of Conscious Bodywork Alive & Well, in Corte Madera, California.

Terri has studied over 2,500 hours, graduating from the National Holistic Institute, plus extensively studied 23 years with the Alive & Well Institute, where she assisted teaching Courses for over a decade.

Neuro Muscular Reprogramming — The Missing Link

by Jocelyn Olivier
Director Healus Center and ICBW

The human body is an intelligent organism constantly re-creating itself in response to stimuli. Some of these stimuli are physical trauma and injury, some are emotional, and others are new and desirable learnings acquired through training or education. In this realm of new and desirable learnings, NeuroMuscular Reprogramming® (NMR) can contribute a great deal. It utilizes a form of kinesthetic conversation with the body to imprint new learnings on the motor control center of the brain, replacing damaged imprints created through trauma, injury, operations or repetitive strain from ergonomically inefficient use patterns. >>>

December/ January 2000 issue of MASSAGE & BODYWORK MAGAZINE

Terri Fuchs, C.M.T • 415-699-2699
710 "C" Street • Suite 14 • San Rafael • CA 94901