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Terri Fuchs, C.M.T • 415-699-2699
710 "C" Street • Suite 14 • San Rafael • CA 94901

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"Terri is one of those very rare, intuitive bodyworkers who combines her highly developed mastery of the human body with her ability to tune into your core issues. She goes beyond addressing the symptoms, finding & treating the source with acute sensitivity to diagnose & treat."

    -Jaime Ordóñez Art Director

I’ve had massage therapists from all over the world and Terri Fuchs is the most knowledgeable therapist Iv’e ever worked with. She fixed things that were bad for years and she knew exactly how to find the problems, work on them, and solve them. Do a session with this woman and you will see her prowess as a person who can get your body working better in every way.

    - Chet Holmes
      #1 Selling author of The Ultimate Sales Machine

Great body work under the hands of a skilled healer is a rare find. Terri is so well trained in a myriad of techniques and very intuitive in her ability to know what each body needs. I always feel completely "in" my body after a session with her.

    -Susan Kirk-counselor

I have had various body workers throughout my life and Terri Fuchs stands out as the best of the best. Her kind and loving nature provided the optimal environment for my body to relax. Her strong intuition along with decades of experience and talent—I sensed early on that she trusted my innate ability to heal. Together, a synergistic relationship was created. As issues were discovered and fell to the wayside, a new pattern of wellness emerged. I hadn't realized going in that the pain in my neck was related to my hip. Thumbs up! I received above and beyond expectations.

    -Taye B. Corby - Marin County resident,
      Montessori Teacher, Relationshipvision.com Co-Founder

As a current Division 1 college track and field runner at UC Davis, I have suffered from a string of injuries including: multiple hamstring strains, shin splints, shoulder problems and more. Working with Terri is very beneficial to my fast recoveries and continued success. Terri works with the weaker muscles around problem areas to activate and strengthen your body as a whole. She improves not only what is wrong with me, but helps me to prevent further injuries by integrating her work with improving my flexibility and balancing my entire body. The work she does is FANTASTIC and unlike what I have experienced from many other body workers.

    -Josh Churila
     U.C. Davis Track Team

I was a competitive gymnast for 16 years, which left me with chronic neck pain and horrible ankle problems. I had been to many doctors and chiropractors, anything to get the pain to go away. Unlike any other doctor I'd seen, Terri was more focused on the body as a whole, not just the places where I had pain. I have never felt the same magnitude of relief, as I have with Terri Fuchs. She knows exactly how to look at the whole picture to find the overarching problems that simultaneously affect all my smaller pains. Terri spends time with every client to find the root of their problems instead of focusing on minor issues. I cannot convey in words, how much Terri Fuchs has contributed to my health. Her passion for her work, and knowledge in her field, make her one of the most effective message therapists I've ever met.

    -Amanda Holmes

The best massage I ever had. Terri clearly knows how to heal people. Her knowledge about the body is amazing.

    -Vicky G.

I've had massages by a number of skilled professional body workers over the years, but Terri is far and away the best that I have ever experienced. When I had her address various pains and injuries, she was always able to make a significant improvement. Simply rubbing a painful area may make it feel better in the short term, but it won't last if it didn't get to the cause of the problem. And this is where Terri shines. It takes an extensive knowledge of the body to diagnose the source of a pain that was not simply caused by direct trauma. Terri has the years of training as well as an intuitive sense that one can't get from schooling. In my humble opinion, she's the best!!!

    -Eddie Katzman
     Chi Gung & Chinese Martial Arts Teacher

For years now, I have benefited from Terri Fuchs‘ experience as a massage therapist.
I have on-going aches and pains, and Terry’s talents and gifts as a masseuse, really help relieve those aches. She has magic fingers and really listens. I have recommended Terri to all my friends.

    -Dolores Cuerva

Terri came to me to massage my body at a time when it was seriously broken. I had been hit as a pedestrian and I had many injuries. I was really scared to have anyone touch my body. Night after night, Terri came to the Trauma Unit at San francisco General Hospital and treated me. Her touch was so gentle and thoughtful. I felt that we were on a journey together to heal my body. The grace of Terri's spirit allowed me to feel safe, so that I could trust her to manipulate my body to feel better. Intuitively, Terri knew where to go and what to do; that is a great gift. Ms. Fuchs has the acute sensitivity to diagnose and treat.

   -Carol Cokinos

Terri is an amazing intuitive healer. Over the years I have had injury and pain in different parts of my body (shoulder, arm, back, legs, hips) that limited my movement and daily activities; although, my job did not allow for any change in pace. I was so grateful to the bodywork done by Terri for within one or two sessions my pain was gone, normal movement was restored, and I was able to comfortably engage in all my activities.

    -Barbara M., teacher

I cannot say enough about Terri. It would take pages and pages. Terri is so intuitive and very passionate about her body work. Terri's knowledge and expertise and understanding of the human body is incredible. Terri is by far the very best!!!

    - Trisch G.


Terri Fuchs, C.M.T • 415-699-2699
710 "C" Street • Suite 14 • San Rafael • CA 94901